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MHT Distillation, Fractionation and Scrubber equipment is purpose-designed to meet the client’s process requirements.
Trayed and packed columns are offered, the latter equipped with either random or structured packing.

• Distillation & Fractionation Columns

• Absorbers & Strippers

• Gas-Scrubbers

• Batch DistiIIation Columns

• Reactive Distillation Columns

• Direct Contact Air Coolers (DCAC)

• Quench Columns

• Barometric Condenser Columns

• Steam Deaerator Columns

• Carbon Elution Columns

MHT fabricates and/or supplies distillation & scrubbing equipment in a full range of materials including:

• Carbon & Low Alloy Steels

• Austenitic & Martensitic Stainless Steels

• Duplex & Super Duplex Steels

• Titanium

• Monel, Hastelloy, Incoloy & lnconel

• GRP (Fibre glass)

• Plastics (PE, PP, uPVC, PTFE, PVDF)

• Graphite