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MHT is able to do heat transfer intensification by the skilful application of enhancement products and techniques.
This often results in a more cost effective solution for a new design, or the ability to substantially increase capacity on an existing unit. These techniques also effectively mitigate fouling problems in exchangers.

We have specific expertise in rigorous tube vibration analysis on new and existing exchangers. This, together with our extensive experience, enables us to offer unique, optimized, solutions that maximise the life-cycle of shelI-and-tube heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers that we supply to the South African market meet the stringent requirements of the OHS-Act Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) and conform to SANS-347 Conformity Assessment Standard with Code of Construction normally being ASME-VIII Division 1. MHT also provides pressure equipment to the Australasian, European and other international markets.

All pressure equipment design and fabrication is verified and approved by appropriately registered professional engineers.

We welcome client specifications and, as such, have constructed exchangers to meet the specific requirements of Sasol, Petronas, Chevron, PetroSA, Anglo American Platinum, Impala Platinum, ArcelorMittal, SAPPI, etc.

All MHT exchangers are supplied with a thermal, mechanical and vibrational guarantee.

MHT designs and supplies a full range of Tubular Heat Exchangers in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Titanium and most Exotic materials.

• TEMA type Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

• Reboilers: Thermosyphon, forced Circulation, etc.

• Condensers: Total, Partial, Steam, etc.

• Double and Multi Pipe Exchangers

• Evaporators: Falling Film, Rising Film, Wiped Film, Forced Circulation, etc.

• Vaporisers: Hydrocarbon, Chlorine Ammonia, Cryogenic, etc.

• Superheaters

• Chillers