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With experience that comes from more than 45 man-years of active involvement in the Ethanol Distillation Industry, MHT can offer clients Bio-Refinery Technology for the recovery of Ethanol from a variety of fermented organic feed stocks.
Bio-Ethanol produced through our processes is used as fuel ethanol, potable beverage alcohol and/or industrial alcohol.

MHT’s ‘EcoDistill ™’ product specifications include:

MHT-EtOH-85 +
: 85%+ Potable “Rum” Alcohol – Beverage Grade

: Ethanol 93% – Beverage Grade – Potable Spirit

: Neutral Ethanol Grade – Potable Light Spirit

MHT-EtOH 96.4-Surfin
: High Purity Extra Neutral Potable Ethanol Grade

MHT-EtOH 96.4-SurfinLM
: MHT-EtOH 96.4-Surfin with low Methanol content (~ 1ppm max.)

: Denatured or Un-denatured 99.9% Anhydrous Ethanol

MHT’s heat integration technology provides our alcohol plants with innovative energy-reduction abilities.
We also offer hybrid plants that utilise combinations of distillation, evaporation, membrane separation, molecular sieve dehydration and activated carbon technology, to optimize energy consumption, while minimizing both capital expenditure and operating costs.

Our processes are well known for their excellent process performance and simple operation.
These unique innovations, together with environmentally responsible designs, have contributed significantly to the commercial success of MHT designed and supplied ethanol plants.