MHT is well-known for optimization of Distillation and Scrubber Column Internals.
This is achieved through the vast experience of our engineers, solid engineering judgement, systematic reasoning and a variety of sophisticated techniques that are skillfully employed to provide clients with cost-effective alternatives for the Trays, Packing and Internals in their columns.

• Random Packing: Full range incl. Pall, VSP, Raschig rings, etc.

• Structured Packing: Wire-Mesh, Corrugated & Grid Packings

• Packed Tower Internals: Liquid Distributors, Packing Support   Grids, Bed Limiters & Chimney Trays

• Distillation Trays: Valve (fixed & floating), Sieve, Bubble Cap, etc.

• High Efficiency Trays with Tray Spacing as small as 150mm

• Packings for Reactor Bed Support, Catalyst Carriers and Bio-   Filtration

Tower Internals, Packing and Trays

Random Packing in Plastics, Stainless Steel and Ceramics;
Catalyst Supports and Reactor Insert Balls